fine parmesan cheese

We set up The Parmesan Cheese Company in March 2005. After years of working in Italy and subsequently retailing Italian food in the UK, we were always frustrated by how difficult it was to buy a decent piece of Parmesan in England.

Parmesan! Such a king among cheeses, such a store cupboard essential and yet quality over here was invariably poor. Maybe that’s not so surprising – for Italians good Parmesan is taken for granted while in the minds of many Britains, it is still a smelly, powdered cheese sprinkled from a tub. Until people have tasted chunks of Parmesan gouged from a freshly split wheel, how can we expect there to be demand for such high quality over here?

By carefully choosing the dairies we work with and hand-selecting every wheel, we hope to show people just how delicious Parmesan can be and get them eating it as a starter, on their main course, cheese board and for dessert.

Alison Crouch and Elliott John

New! Festa di Parma

Armed with traditional cutting knives, serving platters and a select range of Italian wines, we will make our 28 month old organic Parmigiano Reggiano and ‘riservaProsciutto di Parma the gastronomic highlight of any celebration.
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This is the archive site for the Parmesan Cheese Company. There's still lots of interesting info here, but we are now the Ham & Cheese Co. Please visit our new website for up to date information about who we are and what we do.

the london parmesan cheese company

We can be found at Borough Market on Fridays from 11–6 and Saturdays from 9–4.

If you want to buy Parmesan cheese, but can't get to London, we also offer home delivery. Delivery is free within the M25 for orders over £100. Please email us with your requirements and we will get back to you.